Build Your Hospital's Genetic Testing Formulary

GeneConnect is a utilization management solution that provides hospitals with administrative tools to lower costs and streamline institutional genetic test ordering.

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Lower Genetic Send Out Costs

  • Benchmark current pricing against other CLIA-certified laboratories
  • Identify incorrect or inaccurate test ordering trends through customized utilization reports

Improve Ordering Workflow

  • Search, compare and order genetic tests, and access digital results from more than 300 labs using a single user-friendly interface
  • Shop and compare CLIA-certified laboratories on key metrics such as discount availability, TAT accuracy and customer service

Leverage Support Services

  • Administrative

    Identify cost savings opportunities via historical and current analysis of your institution's genetic test utilization

  • Clinical

    Analyze previously-ordered NGS panels by value of included genes and techniques simplifying panel comparison and future ordering

  • Marketplace

    Keep your institution users up-to-date and aware of recently launched genetic tests with New Test Notification

Thanks, we will be in contact soon!