Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does GeneSource work?

GeneSource is a comprehensive online marketplace for genetic testing that is designed specifically to assist healthcare providers with the three main phases of genetic test ordering: Search, Compare and Order. For more information please visit the GeneSource page.

How does this impact my test ordering workflow?

You will spend less time researching testing options and more time treating your patients. GeneSource is designed to streamline the most time-consuming steps of ordering genetic tests, by making it fast and easy to find a test, compare CLIA-licensed laboratories by valuable metrics such as TAT and price, and generate a requisition form all without having to visit multiple websites or make a single phone call. The other parts of your workflow remain the same.

What laboratory information is displayed on your platform?

It is our commitment to list all US-based CLIA certified laboratories along with all tests in their catalog on the platform. In addition to being a test ordering resource, as an online marketplace, we also offer the ability for users to electronically order and receive results for laboratories that have agreed to use NextGxDx as an online ordering and reporting solution. To build transparency in the industry, our goal is to have all laboratories listed as orderable.

What is an online marketplace and does it cost me anything to use?

The goal of a marketplace is to create transparency. For industries ranging from air travel to electronics, online marketplaces have demonstrated the ability to improve overall product quality and customer service. This is done by providing a way for users to easily compare important ordering-related information for all available products in one place. NextGxDx's goal is to do the same thing with the genetic testing industry. Healthcare providers will never have to pay to access the marketplace.

Why do you have more information for some labs than others?

We display information most relevant to the ordering process so users can appropriately and easily compare laboratories. This is why our default sorting method is based on the amount of available test information on the platform. Laboratories listed as orderable have provided NextGxDx with this valuable test information, but our medical and scientific team is continuing to collate data for all US-based CLIA certified laboratories, so continue checking in as the catalog expands.

PHI Security/HIPAA Compliance

How do I know my patient's PHI is secure?

We believe genetic information should be stored with the highest security standards. Our goal is to create a seamless environment that secures patient data, while providing appropriate access to healthcare providers. To this end, we have taken security measures that go well beyond the requirements outlined in HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data.

Do you have documentation you can provide on your HIPAA compliance?

Yes. You can read more about out security and privay polcies on our security page.


If I'm not a physician, can I still register and use the site?

Yes. Because the orderable laboratories require a NPI number to order tests, healthcare professionals without NPI numbers must associate an existing NPI number with each order.

Ordering a Test

What do I do if I have a question about ordering?

You can reach our customer service desk by phone at 855.HELP.NGD (855.435.7643) during the hours of 9:00 AM-6:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. You can also click on the green button on the right of the screen that will say either "Chat" or "Email" depending on the time of day to speak with a member of the NextGxDx team directly.

What if I forget my password?

You can reset your password from the login page by clicking the forgot password button and entering the email address you used to register. Please note that we do not have access to your password, so you will receive an email at the provided address with a link to reset your password.

How are the results delivered?

Once logged in, all results are available as a PDF file on your "Dashboard" or under the patient profile. As a registered user, you are alerted when new results are ready via an email. No patient information is ever sent via email.

How do I share results?

In order to share results, you must invite other users to join your team. Only verified accounts can invite users. You can request verification under the "My Teams" button after logging in.

What is a team?

Teams allow for users to share patient related information and test results with their colleagues.

Can I see my hospital's pre-existing relationships with labs?

We work with send-out laboratories to expedite their test ordering process and to show pre-existing reference laboratory relationships. As an institutional client utilizing the GeneConnect platform, send-out laboratories have access to a customized user-interface to manage all physician orders and additional genetic test management tools. For more information, please contact Kevin McKnight at 615.236.4569 or by emailing him.

Computer Needs

Are there any special computer needs?

To unlock the full power of NextGxDx, we recommend using Internet Explorer version 9+, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported.